A parallel internet inside the first truly scalable cryptocurrency.

Archain is a permanent de-centralised and uncensorable archive for the internet, built on novel Proof of Access and blockweave technologies.

Archain is a perma-net for the internet.

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A de-centralised archive
for the internet.

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Archain News and Development

A cryptocurrency that scales
to internet capacity.

Archain uses a revolutionary new blockweave data structure, based on a new Proof of Access algorithm. While maintaining all of the benefits of traditional Proof of Work systems, the novel Proof of Access algorithm solves the problem of blockchain scalability by creating a self-organising data storage network.

Mining a new block in the Archain requires not only the current block in the system, but also a randomly selected previous block, too. This incentivises miners to store as much of the chain as they can, focusing particularly on blocks that are not well-mirrored by others.

Proof of Access and the blockweave allow Archain to reach internet-scale.

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Make history, permanently.

Archain is an irrevocable distributed archive of the internet, seamlessly merging with the normal web. With Archain's browser extension, your favourite web pages can become a permanent part of history with just a few clicks.

Archain empowers citizens to hold governments and organisations to account. When Archain is in motion, it will no longer be possible for politically sensitive documents or news to be altered or removed after they are first published.

Archain is the ultimate tool against the censorship
and repression of political information.

Rewind the internet.

Researchers and citizens will be able to use Archain to rewind time on the internet, and experience history as it happened. As so much of our modern societies occurs on the internet, Archain will not be just a dry historical record, but a visceral recording of events as they were perceived at the time.

Archain provides sources you can trust. Researchers can be mathematically confident that their source is exactly as it existed on the internet, when it was first archived.

Relive the internet's past with Archain.

Build apps on a live-feed of history.

Using Archain's App Developer Toolkit (ADT), developers can easily build and run custom nodes in the Archain network. Archain apps receive a constant, hand-collated stream of historically important information. This data will be used to support a broad range of applications, stretching from automated stock traders, to uncensorable social networks.

Archain apps are not only deeply flexible and powerful, but are also extremely easy to write in either Erlang or Elixir.

Check out the App Developer Toolkit and start building apps on the Archain today!

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A cryptocurrency for
the information age.

Unlike many cryptocurrencies (for example, Bitcoin), Archain tokens, ar.cash (ticker: AR), are backed by the intrinsic usefulness of allowing permanent storage on the weave.

AR are indirectly associated with all of the information on the Archain. As the importance of the information on the chain increases, so too does the imperative to add further information to the weave, thus supporting the perpetuation of the tokens.

Archain: A cryptocurrency built to last.

Development Timeline

Meet the Team

Meet the Advisors

Dan Andrews

Operational Adviser

MSc Candidate and Serial entrepreneur.

Alec Burt

Historical Adviser

Recent Cambridge Masters History graduate.

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